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Contributors & Credits

Permission to use the following items from "Rings of Supersonic Steel" by Mark L. Morgan and Mark A. Berhow has been graciously granted by the authors:

di.gif (198 bytes) Site unit assignments
di.gif (198 bytes) Pg 13 - Cut-away views of a Nike-Ajax launch facility and Magazine
di.gif (198 bytes) Maps of the Cleveland and Detroit Defense areas

Thanks to the following people that have contributed to the site:

Bruce Madigan, Manager of the Grosse Ile Municipal Airport, for providing updated information for the D-51 site.
Roger Price for information on personnel stationed at D-06.
Doug Wilson for information and pictures of CL-02.
Neal Powers for information on D-57/58
Jeff Zimnickas for finding pictures of the D-57/58 demolition, pictures of D-06, and updates to numerous sites.
Anthony Sudney for a nice description of the D-69 site.
Joe Ledford for providing pictures of the D-16 site.
Ron Bissell for providing pictures of the CL-59 site.
Mike Denja for providing information on the location of D-86 IFC, locating the DTE aerial photography on Wayne State University's CULMA server, and locating the FUDS information on numerous sites.
Doyle Piland for providing additional information as to the location of D-23 and D-26 - Specifically the IFC's.
Melvin Smith for corrections to the D-51 site.
Tom Page - Cofounder & Historian, The Online Air-Defense Radar Museum for information and photos about D-15DC.
Chuck Jeffery - Photo of CL-11 crew.
Dana Ryan - Photos of CL-67 Launcher Area.
Jeff Kroll - Current Photos of D-57/58.
Harry Verberg - Photos of CL-34DC.
Linda Klais - Emergency Maintenance Assignments document on all Detroit site pages.
Ken Dunlap - Image of map with location of Detroit Municipal Airport for D-23 site.

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