Detroit - Cleveland

Defense Area

Site D-34DC - Ravenna Arsenal/Warrensville

Unit: 1956 - 3/58, HQ, 40th Group USA
3/58 - 8/61, HQ 67th Group USA
3/66 - 5/69, HQ, 90th Group
1959 - 6/71, HHB, 3rd Battalion, 65th USA
Activation Date: 1956
De-activation Date: June 1971
Radar(s): AN/GSG-5
Current Status:

Officers Roster 1970/1971 - Provided by Harry Verberg

3rd Battalion (Herc) 65th Air Defense Artillery

(CL-34 Warrensville Station)

4 Oct 70 - 2 May 71

Bn Cdr:LTC Jack Baker / LTC John Alexander

XO: Major Terrence Shaw

S-1: Adjutant: CPT Paul Snowden

S-2: CPT Harry Verburg

S-3: CPT Bob Elkin


HHB Cdr: CPT Sherwood Sheffield / 1LT Charles Parente

A Battery Officers (CL-11 Painsville) : CPT Robert Baird / CPT Phillip Kessel, 1LT Michael Corathers, 1LT Gregory Graham, 2LT Ron Callihan, CWO William Edsall, CWO Albert Jones, CWO Grover Cyrus, CWO Ronald Martin

C Battery Officers (NG)(CL-69 Fairview Park): CPT Richard Alexander, 1LT Daniel Abraham, 1LT Robert Potts, 1LT Joseph Bimler, CWO Kenton Mattison, CWO Henry Stowers, CWO Edward Ranny, CWO James Miller

D Battery Officers (CL-02 Brathenahl): CPT ? / CPT Newbold / CPT Don Darmody, 1LT Eibeck, 1LT Gerald Rodgers, 2LT Bob Dell Elmo, CWO Ken Read, CWO Siegfried Rybak

Motor Officer: CWO Bob Irwin

Personnel Officer: CWO Ezelle Neal / CWO William Marshall

Warrant Officers: CWO Ted Rozolowsky, CWO James Montgomery, CWO Charles Blevins, CWO Robert Kiesecker, CWO Ted Lechner

Other Officers: 1LT Greg Graham, LTC William Feuerborn, CPT Francis Leinen, 1LT Marion Talley

Note: National Guard (NG) Officers Included in the above list.

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tcl34dc-01.jpg (1715 bytes) Pictutre of CL-34DC site from base of former IFC TTR Radar tower (05/71) - 2.7mb. Contributed by Harry Verburg.
tcl34dc-02.jpg (1869 bytes) Pictutre of CL-34DC site from top of former IFC TTR Radar tower (05/71) - 3mb. Contributed by Harry Verburg.
tcl34dc-03.jpg (1466 bytes) LOPAR tower and TRR tower from former CL-34 IFC, which became CL-34DC (05/71) - 3.2mb. Contributed by Harry Verburg.
tcl34dc-04.jpg (1879 bytes) Entrance to site (05/71) - 2.4mb. Contributed by Harry Verburg.

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