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Defense Area

Site CL-02 - Bratenahl

Unit: 2/57 - 9/58, HHB, 508th USA
2/57 - 9/58, Battery D, 508th USA
9/58 - 1959, HHB, 65th USA
9/58 - 6/71, Battery D, 3rd Battalion, 65th USA
Activation Date: February 1957
Hercules conversion date: November 1958
De-activation Date: June 1971
IFC Area: 8925 Lakeshore
GPS: 41.53722, -81.64855
Launch Area: 555 E. 88th St. - Defense Contract Management Command
GPS: 41.54454, -81.62704
Radar(s): LOPAR, AN/FPS-75
Missiles: 30 Ajax/18 Hercules
Magazine(s): 3 type B
Launchers: 12 Universal/12 Hercules
Current Status: The Launcher Area is now the Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd Center.

cl02-2.jpg (77578 bytes)

The IFC area sometime during 1962/1962.  Contributed by Doug Wilson.

CL-02 IFC Area as it appeared in 2000

cl02-1.jpg (24759 bytes)

The Launcher area was demolished in 1973 for this facility.  It was originally the Navy Automated Data Processing facility. It is currently the home of the Defense Contract Management Command.

CL-02 Launcher Area as it appeared in 2000.

Launcher area as it appeared in 2006/2007

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tcl02-3.jpg A touch football game in progress at the IFC (12/60). Contributed by Doug Wilson.
tcl02-4.jpg A Nike Hercules and a Nike Ajax in launch position during an open House at the Launcher Area (04/59). Contributed by Doug Wilson.
tcl02-5.jpg The IFC Area (09/61). Contributed by Doug Wilson.
tcl02-6.jpg The AN/FPS-75 Radar and equipment building (08/60). Contributed by Doug Wilson.
tcl02-7.jpg The Missile Tracking Radar (MTR) with the Launcher Area visible in the distance behind it. This picture was taken from the LOPAR tower.  Contributed by Doug Wilson.
tcl02-8.jpg The LOPAR Radar on it's 30 foot tower.  Contributed by Doug Wilson. Tom Palinko has identified the pole on the left as a Lightning Arrestor to protected the Vans from strikes during storms. There was a pole located in front of each control van. I read that strikes were a real concern, as the vans had a high magnesium content and would really burn! Thanks for the info Tom!
tcl02-9.jpg TH barracks building in the IFC area.  1SGT Edwin J. Market is at the door.  Contributed by Doug Wilson.
tcl02-10.jpg The entrance to the IFC Area.(01/60).  Contributed by Doug Wilson.
tcl02-11.jpg A Hercules training round.   Contributed by Doug Wilson.
tcl02-12.jpg Launcher area, looking North. Contributed by Bill Phillips
tcl02-13.jpg Launcher area, looking East. Contributed by Bill Phillips
tcl02-14.jpg Bill Phillips
tcl02-15.jpg Bill Phillips

Personnel Stationed at CL-02

Rank Name Assignment Dates
PFC Terry Bohannon TRR operator 1967 - 1968
1LT Mike Eibeck XO/Battery Commander 1970 - 1971
1LT Jim France XO/IFC Platoon Leader 10/68 - 07/69
SP4 John Middleton Launcher Crewman/Security 1963 - 1965
SP4 Bill Stark Fire Control Mechanic 09/70 - 06/71
SP5 Doug Wilson Fire Control Crewman/Battery Clerk 11/59 - 08/62
2LT Bill Phillips Launcher Area Platoon Leader 11/65 - 11/66
1LT Bill Phillips XO 11/66 - 11/67

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