Detroit - Cleveland

Defense Area

Site D-23 - Detroit City Airport

Unit: 4/55 - 9/58, Battery A, 85th USA
9/58 - 12/60, Battery A, 3rd Battalion, 55th USA
Activation Date: April 1955
De-activation Date: December 1960
IFC Area: The IFC resided within Alfred Brush Ford Park (also known as Ford Brush Park) at the foot of Lenox Ave.
GPS: +42° 21' 24", -82° 56' 28"
Launch Area: Shared  Double Launch area with D-26. Located on Belle Isle, south of Blue Heron Lagoon, East side of Lakeside Drive
GPS: +42° 20' 43", -82° 57' 20"
Radar(s): LOPAR
Missiles: 20 Ajax
Magazine(s): 2 type B
Launchers: 8 Ajax
Current Status: All land reverted to the city and it was returned to Alfred Brush Ford Park.  Nothing remains of the IFC except the MTR and TTR towers.
Comments: The title of this site has lead may a person on a wild goose chase.  The IFC actually shared a double launch site with D-26.  D-23 IFC and D-26 IFC were on the Detroit side of the Detroit River within 1500 feet of each other.

There have been many discussions as to the origin of D-23's name. This map image found by Ken Dunlap sheds llight on the probable reason. While not the exact location of D-23 IFC, I can under stand why now. It is also possible that the locations of D-23 IFC and D-26 IFC have been reversed which would then fit.

D-23/26 as it appeared in 1961.

D-23/26 Launcher Area as seen in 1961.

D-23 and D-26 IFC's as seen in 1961.

D-23 IFC area as seen in 1961.

The MTR tower at the location of the D-23 IFC.  This and the TTR tower are all that are left. 35k.
A closeup of the MTR tower. 37k.
Another view of the MTR tower. 21k,
The TTR tower.  22k.
Another view of the TTR tower. 20k.
Army Corps of Engineers blueprint of the land allocation for D-23 IFC.  457k PDF file.
Army Corps of Engineers blueprint of the land allocation for D-23/D-26 Shared Launch area.  407k PDF file.
Memo documenting the personnel assignments for Emergency Equipment Maintenance for all Detroit Nike Sites. Contributed by Linda Klais. 395k

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