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Defense Area

Site CL-59 - Parma/Midpark Station

Unit: 7/56 - 9/58, HHB, 351st USA
7/56 - 9/58, Battery B, 351st USA
9/58 - 8/61, HHB, 1st Battalion, 68th USA
9/58 - 8/61, Battery B, 1st Battalion, 68th USA
Activation Date: July 1956
De-activation Date: 1961
IFC Area: GPS: +41° 22' 14", -81° 45' 31"
Launch Area: GPS: +41° 21' 49", -81° 45' 57"
Radar(s): LOPAR
Missiles: 30 Ajax
Magazine(s): 1 type B, 2 type C
Launchers: 12 Ajax
Current Status:

CL-59 as seen in 1959


(Photo being updated)

CL-59 IFC Area as seen in 2000

CL-59 Launcher Area as seen in 2000

The IFC area, CL-59, B Battery 351st AAA Missile Battalion, Parma Heights, Ohio.  The MTR is in the right foreground, the TTR in the background, just to the right of the Acq. The BC van is partially visible behind the MTR. The Orderly/Day Room was just to the left of this field of view. The walkway that can barely be seen leading out of the lower left side of frame led to the Mess Hall, the Barracks, a BOQ and Bn HQ.  Contributed by Ron Bissell.  125k
The B Battery basketball team. We played in a local league formed mostly by companies. I recall that our main competition was from the local Sherwin Williams paint factory. The league was known as the Industrial B League and the year this picture was taken we won the championship. The people in the picture are, from left to right:

Me (Ron Bissell)
Montelli (The organizer and driving force behind the team)
Kneeling, Van Doren (left) and Hast (right)

Contributed by Ron Bissell.  164k

In this picture, the TTR, Acq and MTR (left to right) are visible in the distance.  The building is one end of the mess hall.  Between the radars and the mess hall, and unseen, is the building housing the orderly room, day room, supply room and officer's offices.  The street, which can barely be seen beyond the mess hall, ran to the left past the orderly room and eventually to the entrance.  Note that at the far right the very back of a bus can be seen.  This is the same bus in the same position as seen in the next picture. Contributed by Ron Bissell.  97k
The missile was a parade display, and we had just gotten back from a parade somewhere.  Note that a fin on the booster has been removed.  I think this was done to reduce the possibility of damage during towing.  The building in the background is (I think) Battalion Headquarters and the BOQ.  If so, the barracks are out of sight to the left.  Contributed by Ron Bissell.  96k
I found one other picture, taken at the same time as the two.  Except, this one has me in it! Ain't I a heck of a lookin' PFC? Obviously, we had been back from the parade long enough to change. I was in the color guard and our parade uniforms were Class A, white webbing and stainless steel helmets. Note that the booster fin has been removed on this side also. Contributed by Ron Bissell.  99k

Formerly Used Defense Sites Public Geographic Information System

Property Name:


Latitude: 41° 21' 49" N
Longitude: 81° 45' 57" W
State: OH 
Corps Geographic Office: Louisville District (LRL) 
Point of Contact: LRL Public Affairs Office 
Public Affairs Office
Phone Number:
Status on National
Priorities List:
Not Listed 
EPA Region:
Congressional District: 10 
Restoration Advisory
Board Available:
Property Description
Nike CL-59 is one of several sites that were part of the former Cleveland Defense Area. Nike CL-59 consisted of two separate parcels of land totaling 43 acres. A portion of the site is currently used for recreational use Parma and Parma Heights. The remainder is owned by the Cuyahoga Community College. 
Property History
Nike Launch Site 59 was acquired in 1957 for use by the Army as a Nike defense battery for the City of Cleveland and operated from 1957 to 1968. Nike missiles provided the last line of defense for the United States against bombardment from aircraft. Common waste practices at Nike sites may have caused contamination, and, therefore, these sites require further evaluation under the DoD Environmental Restoration Program. In 2000, two underground storage tanks were removed from the portion of the site owned by Parma Heights. 
Current Ownership Types(s): CITY; COUNTY 
Cost to Complete (thousands): $1951.05 

(Information courtesy of Mike Denja)

Personnel Stationed at CL-59

Rank Name Assignment Dates
SP5 Ron Bissell  IFC Mechanic 1956 - 1960

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