Detroit - Cleveland

Defense Area

Site D-97 - Auburn Hills

Unit: 1955 - 1958, Battery D, 516th USA
1958 - 9/58, Battery D, 18th USA
9/58 - 11/59, Battery D, 4th Battalion, 3rd USA
11/1959 - 2/63, Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 177th MIARNG
Activation Date: 1955
De-activation Date: February 1963
IFC Area: West of Squirrel Road North of M-59|
GPS: +42° 38' 47", -83° 13' 15"
Launch Area: North of M-59 East of I-75
GPS: +42° 38' 35", -83° 14' 01"
Radar(s): LOPAR
Missiles: 30 Ajax
Magazine(s): 1 type B, 2 type C
Launchers: 12
Current Status: The IFC is gone. All that remains is a road, one small foundation under some trees and a lot of rubble sticking out of the ground.  At the Launcher Area, the pits have either been capped or filled in at the elevators.  The blast deflection plates still remain along with the mounting points for the rails.  All access hatches have been removed and capped with concrete.  The Fueling berm is still there along with the fueling pit and winch boom. 

D-97 as it appeared in 1961

D-97 Launcher Area as it appeared in 1961. The road to the south is M-59.

D-97 IFC as it appeared in 1961. The road to the East is Squirrel Road.

d97ifc.jpg (38301 bytes)

The IFC area as it was in 1988.  This picture obtained from the Microsoft Terraserver.

d97l.jpg (43969 bytes)

This is what the Launcher Area looked like in 1988.

Memo documenting the personnel assignments for Emergency Equipment Maintenance for all Detroit Nike Sites. Contributed by Linda Klais. 395k
48k bytes Part of the foundation of a small building at the IFC area.
27k bytes Part of the IFC Area, looking north.
29k bytes Another view of the IFC area, looking north.
25k bytes What is left of a building in the IFC Area.
35k bytes This was probably the access road to the IFC.
32k bytes This was the parking area that was in front of the Launcher Area Barracks.
22k bytes The road from the Launcher Barracks to the Launcher Area.  To the left at the top of the hill used to be the Assembly and test building.
32k bytes What is left of the Launcher pits.
32k bytes Here you can see some of the Blast Deflectors that remain.  The larg grassy area nedt to the 2 deflectors is where the elevator was.
24k bytes Another picture of another former pit.
30k bytes A final picture of the pits.
19k bytes The fueling area complete with come-along boom
43k bytes The foundation of what was probably the paint shed

Formerly Used Defense Sites Public Geographic Information System

Property Name:


Latitude: 42 38' 43" N
Longitude: 83 13' 25" W
City: Pontiac
County: Oakland
State: MI 
Corps Geographic Office: Louisville District (LRL) 
Point of Contact: LRL Public Affairs Office 
Public Affairs Office
Phone Number:
Status on National
Priorities List:
Not Listed 
EPA Region: 5
Congressional District: 9
Restoration Advisory
Board Available:
Property Description
Property History
Current Ownership Types(s): County
Cost to Complete (thousands): $332.83

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