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Defense Area

Site D-87 - Commerce/Union Lake

Unit: 1/55 - 6/57, Battery D, 504th USA
6/57 - 9/58, Battery C 18th USA
9/58 - 12/60, Battery C, 4th Battalion, 3rd USA
12/60- 9/72, Battery C, 3rd Batallion, 517th USA
9/72 - 4/74, Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 3rd USA
Activation Date: January 1955
Hercules Conversion Date August 1959
De-activation Date: November 1974
IFC Area: South of Wise Rd. just East of Carroll Lake Rd.
GPS: +42° 35' 47", -83° 28' 15"
Launch Area: South of Wise Rd. 1 mile East of IFC.
GPS: +42° 36' 02", -83° 27' 50"
Radar(s): HIPAR, SMFU
Missiles: 30 Ajax/18 Hercules
Magazine(s): 1 type B, 2 type C
Launchers: 12 Universal (10 converted to Hercules)
Current Status: The Launcher Area was demolished around 1994.  All that remains are a few building foundations including the Assembly & Test building foundation, some asphalt road, and some concrete sidewalks.  The area is controlled by the Michigan DNR.  The IFC is almost intact - minus the radars.  It is also owned by the Michigan DNR.  It is being used as a Day Camp for children.  The HIPAR equipment building (with HIPAR platform foundation), Generator building, Barracks, Admin building, Guard Shack, and Helo pad still remain.

09/20/2013 - Chris Freytag just sent me the following message:

"Just wanted to update you on the status of D-87.

After being left open to trespass for several years, and several arson fires, the IFC site was purchased by the local township government. One of the first things they did was apply for a grant to demolish what was left of the buildings. This was done last summer.

Such a sad end to the place."

You can see pictures of the site after being vacated at

D-87 as seen in 1956.

D-87 Launcher Area as seen in 1956.

D-87 IFC Area as seen in 1956.

D-87 IFC as seen in 1967. Note the addition of the HIPAR and TRR radars due to the Hercules upgrade.

d87l.jpg (36921 bytes)

These images are from the Microsoft TerraServer and were taken on 6 June 1988. This is where the Launcher area was.  You can still see some of the roads and building foundations.

d87ifc.jpg (36364 bytes)

Here's the IFC Area.  It is still pretty much intact.  The buildings that are not in use are boarded up.

Memo documenting the personnel assignments for Emergency Equipment Maintenance for all Detroit Nike Sites. Contributed by Linda Klais. 395k
d87-1.jpg (31k bytes) The parking area behind the Admin building.
d87-2.jpg (39k bytes) The Admin and Barracks buildings.
d87-3.jpg (49k bytes) The courtyard between the Admin and Barracks buildings.
d87-4.jpg (29k bytes) The Generator and HIPAR buildings.
d87-5.jpg (25k bytes) The HIPAR building.  You can see a bit of the HIPAR tower foundation peeking above the grass in spots.
d87-6.jpg (32k bytes) The road leading into the Launcher Area.
d87-7.jpg (57k bytes) What is left of the Guard Shack.
d87-8.jpg (48k bytes) The parking area that was in front of the Launcher Area Barracks.
d87-9.jpg (50k bytes) A small building foundation at the end of a curved asphalt road that came from the Barracks.
d87-10.jpg (32k bytes) The area in front of the Assembly & Test building.
d87-11.jpg (32k bytes) The foundation for the Assembly & Test building
d87-12.jpg (42k bytes) The helo pad.
td87-13.jpg (41k bytes) A small concrete block walkway that goes along the side of the pit area
d87-14.jpg (36k bytes) The pit area.

Personnel Stationed at D-87

Rank Name Assignment Dates
SP5 Chuck Beach Backup Computer Operator and Primary Acquisition Radar Operator 03/66 - 03/68
SP4 Terry Bohannon TRR & ACQ operator 1968 - 1969
SP4 Roger Brittan LoPar & HiPar Acquisition Radar Operator 1966 - 1967
SP5 Dwight Brown (CW4, USA, Ret.) Missile Launch Crewman and Panel Operator 1968 - 1971
SP4 Bob Hinklin Company Clerk 1968
SGT William Lizenberg Supply Sergeant 1965 - 1968
  Samual McDaniel Missile Launch Crewman 1966 - 1967
CWO2 Richard L. Mitchell Launch Area A&T WO 1967 - 1968
SP5 Art Porter Target Tracking Supervisor 1965 - 1968
2LT Warren Riekenberg IFC platoon leader 10/59 - 02/60
SP5 Joe Tuttle Chief Engineer Missile Mechanic 1968 - 1970


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